First Name   Alina M.
Last Name   Szmant
University or Association   University of North Carolina - Wilmington
City, State   Wilmington , NC
Position Professor of Biology and Marine Biology
Insitution of Highest Degree University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., 1980
Phone   work 910.962.2362
Expertise Sector Living Marine Resources
Area of Expertise Coral Reefs
Other Expertise Ocean Acidification; Marine Physiology
Language Fluency (Other than English) Bilingual in Spanish, Some French
Keywords/Tags Tags: ,

Expertise Profile

Dr. Szmant’s research focuses on the reproductive ecology and physiological ecology of reef corals and on nutrient dynamics in tropical coastal systems. Past studies on corals have included: coral reproductive ecology and energetics; nitrogen metabolism including exchange of nitrogenous compounds between corals and their algal endosymbionts; and calcification and skeletal formation. A present study combines laboratory and field experimentation to factors that affect coral larval settlement and recruitment dynamics. A new collaborative study is applying genomic approaches to understand in detail the establishment of the coral-algal symbiosis and other developmental processes. We are also conducting experiments to investigate the ability of corals to regulate internal pH and calcification rates in the face of changes in seawater CO2 chemistry and pH.

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