First Name   David
Last Name   Mann
University or Association   University of South Florida
City, State   St. Petersburg , FL
Position Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography
Insitution of Highest Degree Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Ph.D., 1995
Phone   work 727.553.1192
Expertise Sector Research and Education
Area of Expertise Ocean Observing Systems
Other Expertise
Language Fluency (Other than English)
Keywords/Tags Tags: , , , ,

Expertise Profile

 Dr. Mann’s laboratory studies marine bioacoustics with a focus on hearing and sound production in fishes and marine mammals. Laboratory studies utilize neurophysiological techniques to investigate the neural mechanisms of hearing and sound production. He studies sounds produced by fishes during courtship and spawning. Recent work has focused on sound production by sciaenids (croakers and drums) and groupers. One major thrust is the deployment of a large, sparse passive acoustic array on the West Florida Shelf to track the location of cetaceans. His lab is also involved in studies of the hearing abilities of manatees and dolphins with both captive trained marine mammals, and wild and stranded cetaceans.

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