First Name   Jeffrey R.
Last Name   Koseff
University or Association   Stanford University
City, State   Stanford , CA
Position Professor; Director of Woods Institute for the Environment
Insitution of Highest Degree Stanford University; Ph.D., 1983
Phone   work 650.736.2363
Expertise Sector Living Marine Resources
Area of Expertise Coral Reefs
Other Expertise Ocean Acidification; Sea-grass Ecology; Benthic Communities
Language Fluency (Other than English)
Keywords/Tags Tags: , , ,

Expertise Profile

 Dr. Koseff’s research area falls in the emerging interdisciplinary domain of environmental fluid mechanics and focuses on the interaction between physical and biological systems in natural aquatic environments. His research focuses on: turbulence and internal wave dynamics in stratified flows, transport and mixing in estuarine systems, phytoplankton dynamics in estuarine systems, coral reef and kelp-forest hydrodynamics, chemical sensing in the marine environment, and coastal upwelling processes. Projects include understanding the transport of mass and energy in estuarine systems such as San Francisco Bay, and understanding how the coral reef systems of the Red Sea and Hawaii and the kelp forest systems of California function.

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