First Name   Kent A.
Last Name   Fanning
University or Association   University of South Florida
City, State   St. Petersburg , FL
Position Professor of Chemical Oceanography
Insitution of Highest Degree University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., 1973
Phone   work 727.553.1594
Expertise Sector Ocean and Coastal Management
Area of Expertise Nutrients and Trace Metals
Other Expertise Estuary and Wetland Habitat; Polar Research
Language Fluency (Other than English)
Keywords/Tags Tags: ,

Expertise Profile

 Dr. Fanning’s main emphasis concerns inorganic nutrients in upper ocean waters. He conducts detailed surface surveys with highly sensitive fluorescent nutrient analyzers in patches of coastal surface waters labeled with tracers. He is currently investigating likely causes for the vastly different behavior of ammonium ion relative to the other main nitrogen-bearing inorganic nutrients in surface coastal waters. Working with GPS positioning of sampling locations allows him to evaluate the lateral shapes of patches of coastal water with ammonium enrichments, among other things. Now working on adapting high-sensitivity nutrient methods to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to further develop the ability to study the size and shape of surface water patches containing nutrient variations. The other part of Dr. Fanning’s research concerns comparisons of and temporal trends in nutrient concentrations and relationships within permanently anoxic ocean waters.

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