First Name   Patricia
Last Name   Tester
University or Association   NOAA National Centers for Coastal Science
City, State   Beaufort , NC
Position Branch Chief RCAS, Acting Deputy Director
Insitution of Highest Degree Oregon State University; Ph.D., 1983
Phone   work 252.728.8792
Expertise Sector Ocean and Coastal Management
Area of Expertise Pollution, Hypoxia, and Harmful Algal Blooms
Other Expertise Coral Reefs; Oceans and Human Health; Ocean Observing Systems;
Language Fluency (Other than English)
Keywords/Tags Tags: , ,

Expertise Profile

Dr. Tester’s research centers on Karenia brevis blooms and their coupling to physical processes. She has observed that at one end of the spatial scale, the physical processes dominating the midshelf region of the West Florida Shelf seem key to understanding a critical phase in the development and growth of blooms and the potential for their shoreward transport. Her research acquires information on upwelling, vertical migration of K. brevis and water column nutrient profiles, each aspect critical to physical-biological coupling

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