First Name   Paul
Last Name   Nachtigall
University or Association   University of Hawaii
City, State   Kaneohe , HI
Position Director, Marine Mammal Research Program, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Insitution of Highest Degree University of Hawaii; Ph.D., 1976
Phone   work 808.247.5297
Expertise Sector Living Marine Resources
Area of Expertise Marine Mammals
Other Expertise
Language Fluency (Other than English)
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Expertise Profile

 Dr. Nachtigall’s research interests focus on hearing and echolocation in dolphins, porpoises and whales. Past research has focused on a variety of sensory systems including taste reception, vision, hearing and echolocation as well as cognitive processes and motivation. Currently, he is conducting research on hearing (evoked auditory potential measurements as a way to study hearing in both large and small whales), examining hearing while animals echolocate (hearing sensitivity changes and control), and echolocation (determining acoustic processes of echolocation via phantom echo experiments, the effects of noise on dolphins, and modeling discrimination abilities).

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