First Name   Robert H.
Last Name   Byrne
University or Association   University of South Florida
City, State   St. Petersburg , FL
Position Distinguished Research Professor
Insitution of Highest Degree University of Rhode Island; Ph. D., 1974
Phone   work 727.553.1508
Expertise Sector Climate Change and Natural Hazards
Area of Expertise Ocean Acidification
Other Expertise
Language Fluency (Other than English)
Keywords/Tags Tags: , ,

Expertise Profile

 Dr. Byrne’s current research involves the following: speciation and behavior of trace metals in seawater; investigation of marine and riverine CO2 system chemistry; and development of in-situ procedures for observation of the marine environment. Enduring interests and current research include the aqueous behavior of iron, rare earth element chemistry, and the influence of acantharia on strontium and barium biogeochemistry. Work on CO2 system chemistry includes the development and oceanic application of novel systems for shipboard and in-situ measurements of pH, total inorganic carbon, alkalinity, and CO2 fugacity. Development of systems for in-situ measurements of metals, nutrients and CO2 system variables involves close work with a variety of colleagues.

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