First Name   Tarang
Last Name   Khangaonkar
University or Association   Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Batelle
City, State   Richland , WA
Position Manager - Integrated Coastal Ocean Modeling Group
Insitution of Highest Degree University of Miami; Ph.D.
Phone   work 206.528.3053
Expertise Sector Climate Change and Natural Hazards
Area of Expertise Ocean Circulation Dynamics
Other Expertise
Language Fluency (Other than English)
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Expertise Profile

 Dr. Khangaonkar is the Technical Group Manager of the Integrated Coastal Ocean Modeling Group at the PNNL Marine Sciences Laboratory, Battelle.  He provides senior leadership to PNNL’s activities in numerical modeling studies related to coastal ocean hydrodynamics, water quality, sediment transport, and fate and transport analysis. He has 19 years of experience with various types of models capable of circulation, toxics fate and transport, and water quality kinetics. He has been involved with a number of mixing zone and dilution ratio studies providing modeling of near-field and far-field mixing processes, calculations of dissolved oxygen (DO) depletions and sediment deposition, evaluating long-term effluent flushing and pH buffering, and performing diffuser design optimization.   Dr. Khangaonkar is currently managing the developments of Watershed/TMDL models for the Lower Deschutes River and the Clackamas Rivers related to temperature, DO, and phytoplankton issues. He is also managing the temperature modeling work in connection with FERC relicensing on the Pend Oreille River, WA.  In response to a growing demand by the Puget Sound community for a practical oceanographic modeling tool, to assist with nearshore restoration planning and design, and water quality management, Dr. Khangaonkar and his team have initiated the development of a high resolution 3-D finite volume hydrodynamics and transport model.  The Puget Sound Circulation and Transport Model (PS-CTM) is being developed to assist with emergency response and analysis of fish migration pathways.   In consultation with U.S. EPA and Washington State Department of Ecology, Dr. Khangaonkar is also overseeing the development of a DO and nutrient model of Puget Sound.  In collaboration with NOAA-CSDL and U.S. Coast Guard, Dr. Khangaonkar and his team are working towards an Operational Forecast System for Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest coastal waters.

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